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ProStretch is designed to fit Men's shoe size 6-15 US (36-45 EUR), and Women's shoe size 4-13 (35-42 EUR).

ProStretch is made of Neoprene, a stretchy yet durable material that is perfect for a foot stretcher. The strap is 100% Nylon.


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ProStretch is guaranteed to last for a lifetime. If yours breaks, you can request a replacement or refund by contacting us using the options listed above.


Guaranteed Foot Pain Relief. Simple as That.

We use our feet every day. Dealing with pain in them is like walking around with nails in your shoes. With ProStretch, no longer will you be neglecting the only part of your body that connects you to the ground.


Pain Relief Just Got Waaaaay Easier

If you’re tired of back & hip pain, sciatica, tight muscles and ligaments, or expensive chiropractor visits - our fascia stretcher is for you!

Not all trips to the chiropractor end with a pleasant experience because things can get painfully pricey (get it?) during the whole process.

Meet ProStrap™ - the easiest, and most gentle stretch for a tension and pain free body.


Why is ProStretch Better?

ProStretch uses two Velcro straps and a "seatbelt material" belt to stretch your foot FROM the toes, rather than from the calf. This puts more emphasis on the plantar fascia, the tissue in the center of your foot.


Comfortable, Durable Nylon

The materials you put on your foot are important. You wouldn't wear uncomfortable socks or shoes, so the tool you use every day to eliminate foot pain should be no different. ProStretch is made from a stretchy Nylon that fits any foot comfortably and without the risk of tears or rips.


Easy Grip Loops

ProStretch's dual-strap design and easy-grip loops allow anyone—even the oldest, weakest person alive to get a great stretch—but not only that, you can strengthen your foot at the same time.


Nothing but Positive Feedback from Customers!

94 reviews for ProStrap – Fascia Stretcher

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  1. The stretcher is simple and very effective. I have osteoarthritis in the knees, due to the change in posture, I got pain in the back of the knees and often cramps
    in the thighs. Since I use this stretcher daily, the pain in the back of my knees is gone and the cramps in my thighs are rare. I can only recommend this stretcher and I can easily take it everywhere.

  2. Been using this every evening for the last week now and I’m finally starting to get more flexibility on both front and back of my feet/ankles along with my hamstrings and quadricep muscles. The material is solid and not stretchy and you strap your foot in (so you don’t whack yerself because it will not slip off), which I appreciate for really solid hamstring stretches and toe stretches. There are hand holds all the way to the foot, which help a lot as well. I see a lot of folks standing with the straps coming over their shoulders to stretch the quads or shin muscles. I recommend after stretching your hamstrings, stay on the ground, roll on your stomach and then with the strap over your shoulders, pull to stretch both your shins and quadricep muscles. Sets you up for success more as you don’t worry about balance and can focus on the stretch. Watch a few videos of people using the device, then adjust to your liking.

  3. Sehr gut, hat mir erheblich geholfen und meine Scherzen sind nach 14 Tagen komplett verschwunden. Benutze den Faszien Strecker Fuß weiterhin , regelmäßig 1 bis 2 x pro Woche

  4. Habe heute zum ersten Mal den Strecker ausprobiert. Er funktioniert wie erwartet gut. Über die Haltbarkeit kann zurzeit noch nichts gesagt werden.

  5. I really like these calf stretchers, but I don’t use them as much as I thought I would because they are a bit of a pain if you need to stand up. You need to either take them off or try to walk in them. I usually take them off and then don’t put them back on right away. If they made version with a sole and a place to tuck in the straps, you could leave them on and stretch whenever you need. At the end of a long day, I’m never sure when they will start to cramp. Anyway, at this time, I think these work really well, and I would definitely get them again.

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